Theme: Leading the Way: Delivering Primary and Newborn Care

Nursing Midwifery 2020

Nursing Midwifery 2020

The 4th Nursing Midwifery and Womens Health conference which  will be held during October  19-20, 2020 at  Paris, France. This gathering will offer the one of a kind open door for Academic pioneers, Nursing workforce and Midwives just as for experts and scholars of advanced education from everywhere throughout the world to share original thoughts on urgent issues and patterns in the zone of nursing and maternity care. It is a perfect stage to investigate assorted nursing and maternity care themes that will affect their future practice.

Nursing can allude to communitarian and self-sufficient consideration of individual all things considered, gathering, networks and families by gifted individual or medical caretakers. Nursing care incorporates anticipation and fix of ailments. It incorporates approaches of customized care with more security, accommodation and solace.

Head Nursing Officers (CNOs) oversee huge quantities of medical caretakers in emergency clinic frameworks, and they centre around overseeing nature of care, vital arranging, staff the executives and cost the executives. They work with CEOs and COOs of huge medicinal services frameworks, and they can be exceptionally compelling in emergency clinic buying and dynamic.

Why To Attend ?

Nursing midwifery 2020 provides a worldwide platform for exchanging ideas and make us updated about the newest innovations in nursing Practice, nursing for midwifery and women’s health education opportunity to attend the presentations delivered by eminent scientists from everywhere the planet . NURSING MIDWIFERY may be a platform for clinical test associates, healthcare professionals, reasearcher, deans, nursing students also as faculty and leaders to collaborate on topics affecting nursing midwifery and women's health care. This conference contains keynote forum, oral and poster presentations, young research forum and exhibitions. The aim is to discussed and share their know-hows and research works on all aspects of nursing education, nursing midwifery, health care and paediatric nursing

Who Should Attend 

  • Staff Nurses
  • Nursing Practitioners
  • Registered Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Healthcare Scientists & Professor’s
  • Healthcare Researchers
  • Doctors
  • Paediatricians
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Midwifery nursing
  • Midwifery specialists


Target Audiences

  • Nurses/students

  • Nursing Researchers

  • Nursing Faculty

  • Medical Colleges

  • Nursing & Midwifery Associations and Societies

  • Business Entrepreneurs

  • Training Institutes

  • Software Developing Companies

  • Nurses, Physicians

  • Assistants

  • Advanced Practice Nurses

  • Clinical Research Nurses

  • Social Workers with a focus on nursing education.


Session on : Advanced Practice Nurse  and Primary Care

Advanced practice nurse defines a level of nursing practice that utilizes extended and expanded skills, experience & knowledge in assessment, planning, implementation.  diagnosis and evaluation of the care required

Each nurse specialty can have concentrations during a specific field or patient population.All APNs are now trained at the graduate level and are required to achieve a minimum of a academic degree , generally a Master of Science in Nursing in their field of concentration.  Essential consideration incorporates wellbeing advancement, sickness anticipation, wellbeing support, guiding, understanding instruction, conclusion and treatment of intense and interminable disease in an assortment of medicinal services primary care is performed and oversaw by an individual doctor frequently teaming up with other wellbeing experts.

  • All the experiences skills knowledge  and etc which is needed as care requirement
  • For handling a patient each nurse speciality is to have a full concentration respectively
  • Nature of services provided to patients
  • Types of physicians plays a role to provide primary care

Session on : Psychiatric  and Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatry is the therapeutic claim to fame dedicated to the analysis, anticipation, and treatment of mental disorders. These incorporate different maladaptations identified with state of mind, conduct, cognizance, and recognitions. Mental health nursing which refers to Psychological wellness attendants are answerable for arranging and offering help and medicinal and nursing care to individuals who have a scope of emotional well­­-being

Psychological wellness attendants are answerable for arranging and offering help and medicinal and nursing care to individuals who have a scope of emotional well­­-being.  From tension and gloom to character and dietary problems or indepences on medications or liquor.

  • Mental disorder
  • Treatment of mental drug
  • Mental short comings
  • Illness diagnosis
  • Complex mental and physical health concern

Session on : Nursing Care  and Public health

 Nursing care  which is given and directed by an enlisted qualified medical attendant. In fact it goes past the steady home consideration gave by generally domiciliary and residential caregivers. It includes clinical consideration that can permit individuals with complex conditions and care should be securely bolstered.

Some desires to proceed with their leftover treatment at home in the midst  of relatives others are simply excessively sick or have some handicap that keeps them for looking for clinical consideration at emergency clinics. Public health defined as the science of protecting the security and improving the health of communities through education, politics and research for disease and injury prevention. The definition of public health is different for each person; medical care is care that's provided and supervised by a registered qualified nurse. Technically it goes beyond the supportive home care provided by most domiciliary and residential caregivers. It involves clinical care which will allow people with complex conditions and care must be safely supported.

  • It includes clinical care
  • nursing care for handicap or for sick ones 
  • Public with different health issue
  • Technically and supportively caregivers

​​​Session on Pediatrics  and Neonatal Nursing 

 Pediatrics is the part of medication that includes the medicinal consideration of new-born children, youngsters, and teenagers. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests individuals be under pediatric consideration up to the age of 21. A medicinal specialist who has practical experience around there is known as a  pediatrician. Neonatal nursing is a subspecialty of nursing that works with babies brought into the world with an assortment of issues running from rashness, birth absconds, contamination, cardiovascular contortions, and careful issues.

  • It works  in emergency clinics
  • Especially it works in both emergency clinic and subspecialties
  • neonatology and outpatient

Session on : Midwifery and Women's  Health 

Midwifery which also means to birthing assistant. A birthing assistant is a wellbeing proficient who thinks about moms and infants around labor, a specialization known as maternity care.

The instruction and preparing for a maternity specialist is like that of a medical caretaker, rather than obstetricians and primatologists who are doctors (specialists). In numerous nations, maternity care is either a part of nursing or has a few connects to nursing. Women’s and men share numerous comparable medical issues, yet ladies have their own medical problems, which merit uncommon thought.

  • Women are bound to bite the dust following a coronary failure than men
  • Women are bound to give indications of sadness and tension
  • Health issues of womens which is significant like stress, suffering with diabities, blood pressure
  • Midwifery is lot more than just delivering babies

Session on : Nursing Leadership  and Innovation

Nursing leadership has been characterized as impacting others to improve the nature of care alongside the immediate cooperation in clinical consideration. Administration in nursing includes a domain that has a reasonable vision, and where staff are roused and enabled. To advance is to incorporated new thoughts or existing thoughts into training in new manners. Each medical caretaker is a specialist of progress and a trend-setter. Consistently, medical caretakers cooperate to tackle troublesome difficulties in the working environment and for their patientsMedical attendants are propelled to occupied with inventive practice primarily on the grounds that they look to improve quiet encounters wellbeing result and nursing practice.

  • Patient care
  • Confident is imperative  nursing skill
  • A global perspective
  • kindness

Session on : Future Nursing  and Intervention 

The Future of Nursing investigates how medical caretakers' jobs, obligations, and training should change essentially to fulfill the expanded need for care that will be made by social insurance change and to propel upgrades in America's undeniably perplexing wellbeing framework.

  • It shows how nurse’s roles
  • Demand for care

Session on : Critical Care  and Emergency Nursing 

Escalated care prescription, or basic consideration medication, is a restorative claim to fame worried about the finding and the board of basically sick patients who have, are in danger of having, or are recouping from conditions that could bring about perilous organ disappointment. Basic consideration: The particular consideration of patients whose conditions are dangerous and who require complete consideration and steady checking, as a rule in serious consideration units. Emergency nursing is strength inside the field of expert nursing concentrating on the consideration of patients who require brief restorative regard for dodge long haul incapacity or demise. The most common conditions treated in emergency nursing such as abdominal pain, upper respiratory infections, strains & sprains, superficial injury ( an injury which does not effects on muscles and organs )

  • The critical condition of patient
  • Serious health problem
  • Plan long term care needs

Session on : Nursing Informative  and Digital Health 

Nursing informatics is a field of nursing that fuses nursing, PC, and data sciences to keep up and create restorative information and frameworks to help the act of nursing, and to improve persistent consideration results. Digital health is a multi-disciplinary area including numerous partners, including clinicians, analysts and researchers with a wide scope of aptitude in human services, designing, sociologies, general wellbeing, wellbeing financial matters and information management. The control includes the utilization of data and correspondence advances to help address the medical issues and difficulties looked by individuals under treatment. These advances incorporate both equipment and programming arrangements and administrations, including telemedicine, electronic investigation, email, cell phones and applications, instant messages, wearable gadgets, and centre or remote checking sensors.

  • Improve the utilization
  • Brilliant gadget

Session on : Patient Safety  and Hospital Management 

The least complex meaning of patient safety is the avoidance of mistakes and antagonistic impacts to patients related with social insurance. While social insurance has become increasingly viable it has additionally gotten progressively mind boggling, with more noteworthy utilization of new advancements, prescriptions and medicines. To guarantee fruitful usage of patient wellbeing techniques; clear arrangements, administration limit, information to drive security enhancements, gifted medicinal services experts and viable contribution of patients in their consideration, are completely required. Clinic Management is a term wide in scope and might be characterized from various viewpoints. It basically identifies with the board of all parts of an emergency clinic; a coordination of all components of a medical clinic. This may go from tolerant consideration to record keeping to stock of drugs and neatness. Wellbeing organization, medicinal services organization, social insurance the board or clinic the executives is the field identifying with initiative, the executives, and organization of general wellbeing frameworks, human services frameworks, hospitals and emergency clinic arranges in all the essential, optional, and tertiary divisions..

  • Clinics
  • Emergency management
  • Critical units
  • Medical clinic CEO
  • Administration  line administrator

Session on : Pregnancy  and Child Birth 

Pregnancy is the term used to depict the period in which a baby creates inside a lady's belly or uterus. Pregnancy for the most part endures around 40 weeks, or a little more than 9 months, as estimated from the last menstrual period to conveyance. Medicinal services suppliers allude to three sections of pregnancy, called trimesters. Ladies who get an early pregnancy finding and pre-birth care are bound to encounter a solid pregnancy and bring forth a sound child. Child birth is also known as labour and delivery…..Labour, otherwise called work and conveyance, is the consummation of pregnancy where at least one infant leaves the uterus by going through the vagina or by Caesareans section. In 2015, there were around 135 million births all inclusive. Around 15 million were conceived before 37 weeks of gestation, while somewhere in the range of 3 and 12 percent were brought into the world following 42 weeks. In the created world most conveyances happen in medical clinics, while in the creating scene most births occur at home with the help of a customary birth specialist.

  • Periods of pregnancy
  • Treatments given during pregnancy

Session on : Prenatal Nutrition  and Labour Support 

Pre-birth nourishment tends to supplement proposals previously and during pregnancy. Nourishment and weight the executives previously and during pregnancy profoundly affects the improvement of new born children. This is a somewhat crucial time for solid advancement since new born children depend intensely on maternal stores and supplement for ideal development and wellbeing result sometime down the road. A typical saying that a lady "is eating for two" while pregnant suggests that a mother ought to expend twice as much during pregnancy, however is misdirecting. Then again, deficient utilization will bring about lower birth weight. Labour support which refers to a help individual can offer passionate help and useful assistance during labour work. Ladies who have a help individual during their work and birth frequently:

  • Adapt better to work torment.
  • Need less clinical mediation.
  • Have a shorter work.
  • Consider work to be birth as a positive encounter.
  • Consumption should be twice
  • Critical time for healthy development during pregnancy
  • It has strong influence on birth weight

Session on : Maternal Health  and Postnatal Care 

Maternal care is the strength of ladies during pregnancy and labour. It envelops the human services measurements of family arranging, assumption, pre-birth, and postnatal consideration so as to guarantee a positive and satisfying experience, by and large, and lessen maternal dismalness and mortality, in different cases. The impact of a mother's passing outcomes in helpless families, and their new-born children, in the event that they endure labour, are bound to pass on before arriving at their subsequent birthday. Both maternal mortality (demise) and serious maternal grimness (ailment) are "related with a high pace of preventability. Postnatal care (PNC) is the consideration given to the mother and her infant following the birth and for the initial a month and a half of life information

  • Good in state of during pregnancy
  • Positive and satisfying experience
  • Maternal mortality and serious maternal grimness
  • Publications
  • Quality of care
  • Epidemiology, observing and assessment

Session on : Midwifery Education and Self  Care

Midwifery which also means to birthing assistant. A birthing assistant is a wellbeing proficient who thinks about moms and infants around labour, a specialization known as maternity care. The instruction and preparing for a maternity specialist is like that of a medical caretaker, rather than obstetricians and primatologists who are doctors (specialists). In numerous nations, maternity care is either a part of nursing or has a few connects to nursing. Self-care is any action that we do intentionally so as to deal with our psychological, passionate, and physical wellbeing. In spite of the fact that it's a basic idea in principle, it's something we frequently ignore. Great self-care is vital to improved temperament and diminished tension. Know your value: Self-care is critical to keep up a sound association with yourself as it produces positive emotions and lifts your certainty and confidence. Likewise, self-care is important to remind yourself as well as other people that you and your needs are significant as well fundamental for building flexibility toward those stressors in life that you can't take out. At the point when you've found a way to think about your psyche and body, you'll be better prepared to carry on with your best life.

  • Taking time for yourself
  • It activates undertaken with the intention of enhancing energy restoring health and reducing stress
  • Increased resilience

Session on : Nursing Education   and Health Care

Nursing instruction centres on teaching medicinal services individuals about powerful approaches to convey the human services to patients. It instructs nurture about how to direct various drugs, to look at persistent and to convey best administrations to patients. The point of nursing instruction is an advancement of the nursing calling. The Journal improves the instructing learning process, advances educational program improvement, and invigorates imaginative. Development and research in nursing training. The point of nursing instruction is an improvement of the nursing calling. One approach to elevate advancement is to explain the expert job. Medical caretaker instruction comprises of the hypothetical and functional preparing furnished to attendants with the reason to set them up for their obligations as nursing care experts. This training is given to nursing understudies by experienced attendants and other restorative experts who have qualified or experienced for instructive undertakings.

Medical attendants build up an arrangement of care, working cooperatively with doctors, specialists, the patient, the patient's family, and other colleagues that centres around getting sickness improve personal satisfaction.

  • Tutorials
  • Instructing
  • Advance educational program improvement Caretaker instructions
  • Working with doctors, specialists the patient and the patient’s family
  • Treatment
  • guidelines

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The measurable studying examiners have foreseen the overall women's prosperity business part to create at a CAGR of over 3% over the figure time period. With various countries improving the human administrations workplaces, the market for women's prosperity will have an inspiring point of view in the coming years. Various countries have altogether extended their human administrations spending plans as a bit of their administration handicap measure. For instance, the US government consume 17% of their GDP on the social protection division in 2014. With such augmentations in as far as possible by various countries, the women's prosperity showcase is depended upon to show improvement until the completion of 2020.

In the investigation report, the specialists have assessed factors, for instance, the creating cognizance of hostile to origination drug procedures will goad the improvement of this market in the check time period. Contraception and wealth control are maintained by the organizations of making nations, for instance, India and China to check the creating people. Nevertheless, in western countries, women have stopped using precaution pill due to their responses and are dynamically using IUDs and additions. Thusly, the growing care about elective advancement procedures will help in the improvement of this market until the completion of 2020.

Nursing and birthing help Manpower examination of England. In the year to July 2018, the amount of therapeutic chaperons and prosperity visitors has barely changed – extending by under 0.5% to 282,661 FTE. There are directly more than 41,000 qualified nursing and maternity care posts uncovered void in the NHS in England – more than 1 in 10.15 However, the general picture of stagnation in the numbers covers some wide differences between districts of nursing (Figure 1). For example, while the FTE number of therapeutic chaperons and prosperity visitors in adolescents' prosperity created by 2.2%, and in mental health created by 0.5%, in organize organizations it fell by 1.2%. This fall was driven by a decrease in the amount of wellbeing guests nullifying a little ascent in the quantity of different medical caretakers working in network administrations.




 Thanks to all our wonderful speakers, conference attendees, and Sponsors, Clinical Nursing 2019 Conference was our best!

20th International Conference on Clinical Nursing and Practice, hosted by the Conference series Group were held during August 19-20, 2019 Singapore with the theme “Innovating Nursing Care through Research and Evidence Based Practice Conference”. Benevolent response and active participation were received from the Editorial Board Members of Conference series Journals as well as from the Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Nursing Lecturers, Nurses, Pharmaceutical Industries, Healthcare Industries, Researchers and Students from the fields of Healthcare & Nursing.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

Accelerated Nursing Program

Adult Health Nursing

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

Clinical Nursing Research

Critical Care Nursing

Women’s Health Nursing

Emergency Nursing

Evidence Based Clinical Practice

Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Nursing

Gerontological Nursing

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Mental Health Nursing


Nursing Education

Nursing Informatics

Nursing Practice

Pediatric Nursing

Registered Nurse

Travel Nursing

The conference was initiated with a series of lectures delivered by both Honourable Guests and members of the Keynote forum. The list included:

Atiya Kareem Mohammed, Sulaimani University, Iraq

Qiuyue Wu, Sichuan University, China

Qing Tong Meng, Sichuan University, China

Mengmeng Wang, Sichuan University, China

Kriti Thapa, B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal

Ms Suchi, Aspires Society, UK

A Very special thanks to Atiya Kareem MohammedMs Suchi.

With the grand success of Clinical Nursing 2019, Conference Series is proud to announce the "4th  International Conference on Nursing, Midwifery And Womens Health ” scheduled on October 19 – 20 , 2020 Paris, france

For more information please visit:


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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date October 19-20, 2020
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